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David Douard

The Narcissist, 2014

New Commission for Skulptur Odense 2014, Kunsthal Brandts

Curator Charlotte Sprogøe

Photo Jan Søndergaard

The haunted atmosphere in the passage in Vestergade, Odense is being brought to life with David Douard´s sculptures. We can sense that there is something threatening and disturbing going on in the backyard where the atmosphere is reminiscent of a horror movie. The three figures have taken over the place of the observer. They stand like human beings, as window shoppers and people with a past and fantasies of their own.
The deserted location becomes part of Douard´s artwork. The passage can be seen as the space between the public and the private – a kind of intimate time-out. The artist makes sculptures inspired by the world around him, he is like a landscape painter who includes both the scenic and the unpure. Poetry, information technology, street art and biology are all part of his art. The artist sees both the organic and technology as being somehow animate with soul and sensitivity. In his sculptures the objects have futhermore infiltrated both each other, as well as the surrounding objects and structures. The contaminated, mutated and polluted are all part of the scenery as a virus that creates a new disturbing world around us.

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