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Uffe Isolotto
New Age Headache

Tranen, 2016

Sensibility Season

Curator Charlotte Sprogøe

A mannequin on the verge of a balcony edge, a growing form and stylistic mash-up of new age aesthetics, sci-fi and punk sensibility occupies Tranen Contempoary Art Center in the spring of 2016.

New Age Headache is an emotional balancing act - a nervous field of tension between the ideal of the perfect artistic creation and an inner human mayhem.

The exhibition stretch, among other thing, back to the Danish poet Michael Strunge’s emblematic 1980’s work 'We unfold the flags of dreams', which have been read as a neon-bathed cry for the emotions of freedom, in a time when the industrial, unnatural and loveless is encroaching on ever new areas of urban culture. Strunge shaped diagrams of his creative process to capture the point where everything gathers in one harmonious whole, and where the universe and the work of art unfolds in a spiritual climax.
Isolotto clashes the exaggerated aesthetics of hippie, punk and new age, where the synthetic, heartfelt and spiritual unites in collages created in smartphone apps and shared via social media. The existential thoughts, that go round in circles, and the increasing tensions is encroaching on us in the 'New Age Headache'.

Our skin is of the frailest dream
and our hearts gleam brighter than neon.
We’ve been blighted by the harsh lights of day,
bleeding pink snow,
speared by newspaper headlines.
We are a part of the Machinery of Night
transform fear into friendship.
We wear our brains with pride
exchange dreams and cigarettes,
fill ourselves with ecstasy and music
change sex and masks...
from Michal Strunge ‘The Machinery of Night’,1981 
'Sensibility Sensual / Emotional / Minimal' is the spring-summer program of Tranen in 2016. The term sensibility can be described as a sensitivity, or a preference for a specific style or sensuality. It shapes our lifeworld and sociality - and influence how we sense the culture we live in, rather than logically and linguistically experience it. Sensibility shows artists with a sense of the sensual, emotional or the aesthetic which serve as an approach to their topics through a series of exhibitions, performances and screenings.

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